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UV protection for Children

Summer is in full swing and this year we have enjoyed a few weeks of some lovely, warm and bright weather in Knutsford and Wilmslow. The parks have been full, the streets have been busy and everyone is slapping on the sunscreen.

Whilst a large proportion of people recognise the importance of protecting skin from the sun, the same can’t always be said for protecting the eyes. It might surprise you to learn that our eyes are ten times more sensitive to the sun than skin AND children’s eyes are at the greatest risk!

Bigger pupils and a clearer lens in childrens eyes allow up to 70% more light to reach the back of their eyes – more so than in the adult eye.



Latest figures from World Health Organisation estimate that this lack of natural eye protection combined with the disproportionate amount of time children spend playing outdoors could mean that as much as 80 per cent of a lifetimes’ UV is absorbed into the eye by the time a child reaches the age of 18 – a scary thought.


Over a lifetime, exposure to UV is one of the main risk factors of age related macular degeneration (the leading cause of sight loss in the UK) and cataracts, (a clouding of the eyes lens, which affects one in three people aged over 65 years.) It’s important to remember that UV damage to the eyes is cumulative and totally irreversible. Helping to prevent damage now has a real pay off later in life.

With younger children and babies (who cannot easily be convinced to keep a pair of sunglasses on,) brimmed hats and sunshades attached to prams and pushchairs will generally provide good protection.

So when buying sunglasses – what should you look for?


The ‘European Standard’ CE mark or the ‘British Standard’ BSEN 1836:1997 ensures that the sunglasses offer a safe level of UV protection. ‘Toy’ sunglasses or those not providing at least 99 per cent protection from UVA & UVB can actually cause more damage because the tinted lenses dilate the pupil allowing more UV light to enter the eye.

Top tips to protect kids from the sun


1. Wear sunglasses that carry the European or British Standard marks

2. For maximum protection wear a cap or brimmed hat in addition to your sunglasses.
3. Stay out of the midday sun.
4. Choose plastic or toughened glass lenses for added durability.
5. Ensure the sunglasses fit well and feel comfortable – we can advise on styles and sizes to ensure maximum protection and fit.


Foliverpeoplesor grown ups we have a fantastic collection of sunglasses from £65 – £400 in both Knutsford and Wilmslow.

For kids we have a fantastic range from ‘Zoobug’ and ‘Mexx’ plus we can make a pair of prescription sunglasses if needed.

So, whether you are heading off somewhere exotic or staying at home this summer, #staysafelookcool and pop in with any questions you have about UV protection and eye wear.


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