Accurate measurements come from experience and confidence which is why we only employee fully qualified Dispensing Opticians to help guide you through your frame and lens choice.

eyewear-01The qualification for a Dispensing Optician is a three year diploma; ensuring the person choosing eyewear with you has a good medical understanding of your prescription and how that will translate into the right lens choice for you.

After assessing your prescription and helping you choose a suitable frame from the many in-store, your Dispensing Optician will take a few facial measurements to achieve optimum vision through the new lenses.

Both practices also feature a handy bit of equiptment called the ‘Relaxed Vision Terminal’ or ‘RVT for short. This is great for bespoke lenses as it takes a still image of you wearing the frame thensends a series of measurementsto the lab to be tailored like you would a great suit!

Whatever yo need, when choosing eyewear it’s important to get a good balance between your lifestyle requirements, facial features and comfort so by taking into account your everyday needs for eyewear, our teams of Dispensing Opticians are able to help guide you in the right direction, saving you time and any costly errors.

Find out more about the Dispensing Optician qualification at www.abdo.org.uk

Your chosen frame is then sent to one of a number of partner labs – trusted to make the perfect pair of lenses for your new prescription.

We are an independent practice therefore have accsess to a varety of lens options across the UK optical market. We achieve great results from Zeiss and Nikon so they tend to be our preffered choices unless you have a current lens design you would prefer – from patient feedback we know we can rely on Zeiss and Nikon for a high quality finish every time.