Contact Lenses

“A contact lens to suit your every need.”

We love our glasses but being able to wear both spectacles and contact lenses really offers the ultimate choice in visual correction. 

Contact lenses offer a comfortable and discreet vision option which many people can actually see better through than in their glasses. This is because they provide a more natural form of vision correction from directly on the eye.

For example, if you play a lot of sport, there are many practical advantages to contact lens wear by offering a lightweight alternative to glasses. You remove the problem of glasses slipping or the risk of them falling off during active sport

There are two types of contact lenses available:

  • Rigid Gas-Permeable (know as GP lenses)
  • Soft contact lenses

However, there are many different lens materials and designs.

Lenses may be used on a daily wear basis, and either discarded each day (daily disposables,) disinfected and re-used, or an extended wear basis where they are kept in overnight.

If you are a new wearer, one of our optometry team will advise you on the most suitable lens type, wearing schedule, replacement frequency and care regime for your individual needs.

If you are an existing wearer and new to Clare & Illingworth we can check for any advancements in lens technology first, then set your supply up quickly.

A quick guide…

  • Daily disposable contact lenses can be worn one for one day and then be discarded, meaning there are no cleaning ‘maintenance’ issues. They are convenient and easy to store as they come in strips of lenses you can take anywhere with you.
  • Two-week lenses and monthly lenses can be worn daily for a period of two weeks or one month, cleaned every night and stored in a sterile solution. This method can be more cost effective for people wearing contact lenses every day.
  • Gas Permeable (GP lenses) lenses are worn for around one year, again, cleaned and stored daily. They are not as popular as the soft lenses as the material is harder and tougher than soft lenses . GP lenses are ideal for certain complex prescriptions.

Our Optometrists are here to help find the correct lens for you so be assured that they will guide you through each stage of the contact lens process carefully, explaining any details in full. How and when you buy contact lenses will depend on how often you would like to wear them and for how long. We will take into account your lifestyle when choosing contact lenses and advise you on the most cost effective way of ordering.

To ensure continued comfort and safety with contact lenses, regulations for ordering in the UK are strict. Most regular wearers will need to be seen every 6 months and choosing Clare & Illingworth for your and professional care and lens purchases means you have the skills of a professional team behind you and the buying power of a long established practice.