Eye Care

An eye examination checks if you can see as well as we would expect and that you can see as clearly as possible when going about your everyday life.

eye-test-01Some people assume they don’t need an eye examination if they are not a glasses wearer, however, it is important everyone checks their vision and eye health as part of a healthy routine. It is surprising how many people adjust to worsening vision and don’t even realize they need help!

Don’t worry, the eye examination doesn’t hurt and there are no trick questions. The Optometrist will ask you to look at some letters on a chart and look into your eyes with a torch or a piece of equiptment called a slit lamp. This allows your Optometrist to look at the back of your eye and assess their general health.

As well as assessing your vision, they look for eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes and, like any conditions, catching the early warning signs can help make treatment easier and more manageable.

Sticking with a familiar face at Clare & Illingworth means all of your care is in one place and we are able to build a good relationship with you and your family over time. Your clinical notes are in a safe secure place, backed up multiple times and available for the Optometry team to review quickly if you should need advice or help later on.

We also have a range of diagnostic equiptment to help assess your eye health such as our ‘visual field machine’ our ‘HRT’ and the ‘retinal camera.’

You can find out more about other aspects of our practices through our blog which works as a magazine and an archive for updates between Knutsford and Wilmslow.

NHS or private?

The role of the NHS within optics has changed a lot over the years. Are you eligible for an NHS test? Click here to view the current entitlement categories from the NHS patient help website: http://www.nhs.uk/chq/pages/895.aspx

It is important to know that NHS funding is based on clinical need and not on yearly entitlement. Some people eligible for a free test may need to see an Optometrist every six months, every year or every two years – the funding depends on the clinical assessment of the Optometrist.

Are you eligible for help with the cost of eyewear? Having an NHS test does not always mean you can apply for help with the cost of eyewear. Here is the handy NHS guide for eligibility http://www.nhs.uk/chq/pages/am-i-entitled-to-an-nhs-optical-voucher.aspx

At Clare & Illingworth the optical voucher will cover the cost of a basic single vision lens (for distance or reading,) and help towards the cost of Bifocals or Varifocals. There are lots of upgrades available to enhance the finished lenses – our Dispensing Opticians are on hand to guide you through the process.