Being independent we can react quickly to what our patients want us to stock. If we meet a new designer and love their brand we can order it straight away, no ‘head office’ approvals and months of meetings to go through first.

Both practices stock a wide range of frames to choose from and as well as working with the well known designer labels we love to source some quirkier niche brands from independent designers.

Keeping up to date with eyewear blogs, meeting new designers and discovering the next big innovation in eyewear eyewear is all part of the fun.

We have started to add some of our favourite brands below – make sure you watch this space for future updates….

Cutler & Gross

Brand ethos… Handmade, individual and focused on design

My idea of design is a bit old-fashioned. It should be practical, functional then look good – in that order”

— Graham Cutler, February 2008

Why we love it… The founders are opticians who offered a bespoke service in their London optical practice which grew into an international brand loved by fashion elite and celebrities worldwide. They just ‘get’ eyewear….

It’s nice if glasses can be sexy and mysterious. People who need glasses don’t have to feel separated from glamour

—  Tony Gross, December 1998

 Where to find it… Currently living in our Knutsford practice.

Cutler & Gross Frame

CW Dixey & Sons 

Brand ethos… Traditional and sophisticated… the lack of obvious branding and the concentration on design speaks for itself.

Our distinguished patrons have included legendary leaders and iconic figures such as Sir Winston Churchill, seven Kings and Queens of England, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor Qianlong of China, and James Bond creator, Ian Fleming. So when you choose C.W. Dixey & Son you join the company of some of the most influential and exacting people in history.’

Why we love it… The fine plastic frames in this range offer a different option to heavy, bolder looking plastic options. We love the history and the story behind this brand and the company. Winston Churchill favoured the Dixey range… he famously once said, “I am easily satisfied with the very best”.

Where to find it… Currently living in our Knutsford practice

CW Dixey & Son Frame

Jono Hennessy

Brand ethos… Funky, colourful, unique and with bold styles

‘Our group is built on creativity, passion and having the guts to make our own rules’

Why we love it… The vibrant colours inject fun and frivolity into this brand – plus they limit numbers of each frame so sometimes you can be wearing one of only 80 frames worldwide!

‘Jonos history of bold experimentation with design was recognized when he was appointed inaugural chairman of the Design Council at Sydneys Museam of Contemporary art.’

Where to find it… Currently living in our Wilmslow practice

Jono Hennessy Frame


Brand ethos… luxury, sophisticated, feminine and elegant.

Why we love it… The use of Precious materials, the refined details, the daring color combinations and the distinctive look, feminine and versatile. Always fashionable yet wearable and that little touch of glamour.

Where to find it… Collections in both Knutsford and Wilmslow

Fendi Frame