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Optical Receptionist/Optical Assistant role

Just a reminder that we are recruiting! You may be responding to our recent social media posts or job application within the local newspapers on line. If so, please see the post below to give you an idea of who we are looking for….

The Clare & Illingworth, (Knutsford team,) are recruiting!

We are looking for a new Optical Receptionist / Optical Assistant with the potential for part or full time employment.

If you were to walk into our Knutsford practice we (hopefully) look calm at our desks but there is a lot going on in the background, it’s not just checking people in…. Think ‘like ducks (we prefer swans!) that are calm and serene on the surface and paddling furiously beneath the water’

Imagine the scene….One minute the phone is ringing, next someone walks in to ask you a question about contact lenses, followed by a big delivery of glasses and contact lenses to sort through and as this happens more phone calls with potential medical questions to pass on to an Optician, more general questions and then a collection of orders building up all with the phone ringing.

Therefore we are looking for a personable, and proactive team member who is confident communicating with patients and other staff members whilst handling a range of administrative tasks.

General duties include:

  • Management of a busy clinic diary
  • Organising appropriate NHS forms
  • Competent use of computer systems, in-house patient management system, word, excel, email
  • Competency in Internet ordering through a variety of manufacturers on-line ordering facilities
  • Handling/organising of invoices/statements for payment
  • Multitasking essential

(And much more… if you would like the full job description please contact me….)

The job involves a lot of patient interaction where we expect a friendly, approachable manner to help put people at ease when visiting our clinic and many administrative tasks with the ability to prioritise these numerous and wide ranging tasks as they present.

To apply for this role please forward a letter detailing why you would like the opportunity to work with us along with your current CV (preferred) alternatively via post to Richard Clare (Practice Manager) Clare & Illingworth, 101 King St, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6EQ.


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