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Internet versus Real life ordering!

It is often wrongly assumed that ordering contact lenses through the internet is the cheapest way to wear lenses….

However, once the cost of regular check-ups, un-scheduled checks and internet restrictions are factored in – it can often end up being the same price or only marginally cheaper, making it more cost effective and convenient to use our clinic for lens check and ordering combined.

Choosing Clare & Illingworth means:

  • Benefiting from an experienced and friendly team on the end of the phone or in person.
  • Regular communication from the practice to let you know when your check-ups are due and when lenses have arrived.
  • Six days of appointments available during the week.
  • The benefit of dealing with a practice that has priority access to the major contact lens suppliers ( meaning new products are featured at our practices before they are released to the UK market, contact lens trials with new products, on-going training for our staff from the most up-to-date sources)
  • Dealing with a real person whose job is to help make your life easier. 

If you choose to set up a regular payment scheme with Clare & Illingworth, you have a range of products and services at discounted rates as a thank you for your on-going loyalty to our practices.

For more information of our regular payment schemes and how they can provide you with a cost effective way of wearing lenses, please talk to one of the team



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